//A Post I had to Write…

A Post I had to Write…

Good morning to you all and merry Christmas. I hope you all had a great time, got lots of presents and ate a lot. I know I did. Well, I didn’t get lots of presents because i’m a little old for all of that now but I made up for it by eating and drinking more than my fair share…But that’s not the reason I am writing a post today.

It’s boxing day and I am down in New Zealand visiting relatives and friends that I have down here. I have a friend who has a reasonably sized garden so he got a new lawn mower for Xmas. It is a McCulloch M46-125wr. It’s really good at its job and delivers a fantastic cut so that’s well worth checking out if you are looking for a new mower. I found a pretty decent review of it already which I linked to, but on the same site I found that they also have a load of other petrol lawn mower reviews. In fact, I found that their social media channels of G+ and Facebook were a pretty good follow because they have trustworthy and reliable information that they share, but not too often! Anyway, I digress…

I haven’t posted in over 6 weeks. Part of that is because I have been down in New Zealand for a while but another part is because I started with a flurry of posts and then ran out of things that I thought would be of interest to talk about.

New Zealand

While I’ve been down here in NZ, I discovered that their history is littered with stories of log mining and some of the early settlers to Australia in fact came across to New Zealand looking for work in mines and log mining. A large number of the workers were English or Irish.


I’m currently on the North Island of New Zealand, which is apparently the lesser good looking island out of the two, but if that’s true I can’t wait to see what the south is like because the north island is pretty stunning.

Aside from travelling around, I have been doing a little woodwork while down here on holiday. Like I said before, I love my work and I don’t see it as work because it’s my passion so I like to practice and learn whenever I feel like it, which is a lot of the time much to the annoyance of my wife and friends.

A friend that I am staying with is actually a carpenter as well (that’s how we know each other) so I am in good company and we have spent many an hour out in his workshop creating, working and chatting away.

Hopefully you can see my attempt at getting creative with the camera based on the featured image (main image of the post I think it is) where I have my sunglasses held in front of the lens while you can see a beautiful ray of sunshine shining down through the clouds onto an island. I thought I would attempt to expand my creative side a little out of my usual comfort zone of carpentry and into the photography world. I’ll admit that I got some tips from my friend who is a keen and very good photographer so it was not all my own work…But, then again, whose work is ever truly original. We are all influenced by our environment and what we see, do, feel and experience each day.

Anyway, it’s time for me to get on and do something with my day now that I have written up this little piece. I wish you all the best for the new year and hope that it’s a good celebration and you don’t have too much of a hangover on New Years day…

I'm Doug or Benny as my friends refer to me. I am a retired carpenter and I love to research, design and play around with all things in the home. I like sculpting wood but I also love anything which requires time and effort to forge into something more useful or decorative.