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Latest Home Fashion Trends For Wood Furniture

Furniture, among other households attracts attention from lots of guests and visiting friends. By building basis of communications, they become talking points and communication, being an important skill in life, becomes even better when nurtured by simple things like furniture talking points. In relation to furniture, whichever you choose represents your values, taste and preference not forgetting personality. The following are the latest home fashion trends for wood furniture.

  1. Custom Made Furniture

Perceived to be extremely expensive but can be easily accessed and afforded by anyone who loves anything associated with trend and fashion. The secret is seeking services of a person who enjoys making the furniture for passion and not an extortionist who is only after extreme generation of profits.

People have different tastes and preferences. Sometimes their personality is expressed through furniture. Spark a conversation with your wood smith and guide him through what you need for that custom furniture with a personal touch. Individuality in furniture has recently grown to add something uniquely in home furniture and fashion trends. Furniture Customization should therefore be embraced and not considered to be for the rich.

  1. Metallic Leather

Metallic styled materials when used on wooden home furniture blend well into the room background unlike silver and gold finishes that make your furniture ‘scream’ for attraction to the guests and anyone else who enters the house. Wooden furniture with metallic leather add vibrancy and life to your home not to mention confidence and over time lasting impression to all the guests.

  1. Cultured Furniture

Cultured furniture is a good representation of foreign culture into your home. In the latest trends, African Furniture represents great taste and glamour. With patterned upholstery, quality wood and skilled carpentry, it will be a definite outdoor fit and a complement to indoor design

  1. Outdoor Furniture Indoors

Outdoor furniture e.g. deck Garden chairs can be a good indoor fit. Although most people will never go this far, it still remains to be a good definition of trend. When this is done, it should be incorporated by class and purpose and not as a temporary replacement. This idea has for a long time now been embraced in most designs and exhibitions. Apart from natural wood, glass and aged metals provide other good options when trying the outdoor furniture indoor idea.

  1. Pleated furniture

As the latest home fashion on furniture, this trend has been on the high in most furniture on exhibitions and trade fairs. Pleats represent doubled back material which is also secured in place. This trend is mostly demonstrated on sofas for that elegant and classy look.

  1. Furniture with Vintage

Older furniture are usually well made and long lasting compared to modern flat-pack ones. Protecting them so as not to end in landfills by addition of a few items as vintage,continues to grow in popularity as a great way of preservation coupled by fashion. Furniture with vintage are unique and as a latest trend preserves the environment by the fact that it requires no felling of trees.

  1. Technological Furniture

Furniture trends are embracing the fact that smart phones are nowadays indispensable. Hidden wireless charging docks and ports, USB ports, audio and video connectors, WIFI systems among others are all incorporated in latest trendy furniture. This has considerably made life easier and more interesting since you can charge your phone on the bedside, listen to auxiliary audio from your smartphone while in home Spa or sauna or even gaming chairs with incorporated devises and audio that make gaming experience real. With lots of these kinds of furniture options, technology and furniture has been ‘married’ to being one thing.

  1. Environmentally Friendly Furniture

Environmentally friendly furniture is crafted from recycled timber and other sustainable sources that are environmental friendly.

In the current environmental sensitive world where everyone is keen on environmental conservation, recycled timber is a green choice that is constantly gaining popularity. Apart from being eco-friendly, it exudes a natural worldly appearance when used in homes.

Wooden furniture from recycled timber represents personal beliefs on living in a sustainable environment. These furniture are long lasting and do not threaten the environment in any way. Since the inception of recycled timber, latest furniture trends are supreme in pronouncing an environmental friendly environment and surrounding.

  1. Multi-Functional/Multi-purpose Furniture

A dining or coffee table can as well be used as a chair or shelf. A three in one design that offers convenience together with saving your money and space in modern home designs. Multifunctional furniture might not be preferred by people in larger homes but for their counterparts who reside in smaller houses, they are a worth consideration. This latest innovation has also seen beds transform into chairs work desks and drawers among others.

Small trendy Furniture

With increased population, housing shortage has been a long time problem that is yet to Fashionable chairs in the homebe solved. The immediate ‘knee jerk reaction’ saw construction of smaller house units with smaller living rooms, kitchen and bedrooms. Due to this, home furniture has to adopt with smaller house sizes by creation of trendy, smaller furniture of class that perfectly fits into small size homes.

  1. Hide with hair

Hide with hair maintains a natural look on furniture. When properly done, it is attractive to the eye and creates a good feeling to touch. As a growing trend, it is in most shows and exhibitions. It also doesn’t have to be natural hide as synthetic options provide similar fashion solutions.

  1. Inventive Solutions to small homes

as earlier discussed, smaller but trendy furniture are manufactured so as to offer a perfect fit for smaller house units as a result of housing problems brought about by increased population and scarcity of land. Another innovative way of solving this problem is by utilizing unused space by creation of wooden fall back floors, pull out draws and the wall storage lockers among others.This technique is a latest trend for solving storage and space problems and is destined to grow even further with time.

  1. Light Toned Woods

Discussed in every trend article, light toned woods are considered the most popular in wood furniture fashion a reason why they are dominant in the furniture market. They are of high quality and long lasting. Light toned wood are natural and crafting can be on any type of furniture. The best example is oak. With its beautiful grains and knots, it is also sturdy and is vastly used in the making of multi-purpose furniture and those used on a daily basis.

  1. Up-cycled Furniture

This type of furniture is made from wood that has been taken through all stages of contraction and expansion. Reclaimed wood from old bridges or railway sleepers is firstly cleaned before being used in the making of furniture. Up-cycled furniture is known for the warmly feeling it brings to the home. With unique history, up-cycled wood furniture is preferred for their touch of mystery and will become a focal point for every guest.

The above latest trends for wood furniture are a representation of opulence coupled with elegance and style. Exude confidence by being trendy and create that ‘wow’ feeling in the mind of your every guest.

I'm Doug or Benny as my friends refer to me. I am a retired carpenter and I love to research, design and play around with all things in the home. I like sculpting wood but I also love anything which requires time and effort to forge into something more useful or decorative.