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Technophobe Tech-ing…

I’ve had this website, Boa Online, for a while now and wanted to continue posting to it which I have done regularly and I’ve actually written a load of content which I have scheduled to post out over the coming days and weeks.

The one thing I was missing were any social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter. So, today, I can proudly announce that I have created my first Facebook Page and a Twitter account. I had to get a little advice about how to do it but it’s all good now and I will shortly be adding some of my old posts to the account and making sure that going forward all new posts get added to both Facebook and Twitter.

If you are on either of those two sites please swing by and say hello! That’s all for now, next post will be in a couple of days time.

I'm Doug or Benny as my friends refer to me. I am a retired carpenter and I love to research, design and play around with all things in the home. I like sculpting wood but I also love anything which requires time and effort to forge into something more useful or decorative.