//The Best Ways To Recycle Old Furniture
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The Best Ways To Recycle Old Furniture

Different furniture does have different lifespan. Some can last very long while others take quite a relatively short time and either refurbishment or replacement will be needed. The best thing is always to invest in the best furniture in the market. With leather seats, you do not only have a material that boosts the aesthetic appeal of the house but is also durable. On the other hand, wall units and tables made from hardwood such as mahogany and the likes will save you lots of money for refurbishment and replacement.

However, regardless of the type of material your furniture is made of, there comes a time when they are worn out. During such times, something has to be done to them. You will either need to repair, to replace the old with the new or to dispose them in one way or the other. Although buying new furniture has always proven to be among the best ways of spicing up one’s interior design, it’s important that in your plans, you should factor in what the old furniture should be done with.

Before you buy furniture in for your house, or before replacing the old furniture, let quality be the primary factor. Buying the best quality sofa will ensure that in future, you won’t get rid of them as fast as the poor quality ones. This principle applies not only to sofa sets but to all the furniture in your house.

Recycling Old Furniture

What about the old furniture that will be removed from the place that the new ones are going to occupy.

1.      Selling the Old Furniture

You have several options at your disposal. These include selling your furniture or auctioning it to the highest bidder. Auction companies know How to Judge a Sofa for Quality as well as the quality of other furniture. For these reasons, the value of a given piece of furniture will determine its price tag. Some of the factors they consider when determining how much they will pay you include;

  • The material used to make the furniture i.e. leather seats will be more expensive than suede.
  • The type of timber used i.e. mahogany table will be more expensive than a pine table
  • Appearance i.e. if you take good care of your furniture and it looks new, it will source more
  • The market will also dictate the value. Furniture that is more favored by customers will source more.

If you can get a customer who offers to buy your old furniture, don’t hesitate to negotiate with them. This is because in many cases, individual customers do pay better than the auction companies.

2.      Giving Out the Old Furniture to Relatives

The furniture you have may be old in your eyes but this might be exactly what a relative of your needs. Obviously, if you want to replace your leather seats, you won’t fail to get a relative who wants exactly those seats the way they are. By this, you will have helped someone and at the same time conserved the environment.

3.      Use in Other Places Within your Enterprise or Home

An old wall unit may not need to be sold or disposed. It is needed in your farmhouse. In the farmhouse, you can use this unit to store insecticides, herbicides, pesticides, fungicides, fertilizers among other farm tools and equipment.

Likewise, your old sofa may be exactly what is needed in the servant’s quarters during remodeling. You will have saved yourself the cost of buying new seats for the quarters. In addition, that which looks old in your main house and needs replacement is at times exactly what gives the servants quarters a boosted aesthetic value.

4.      Donation

Donation is the other green way that you can employ in the recycling of your furniture. Instead of leaving the seats to lie and do nothing in the garage, you can donate it for a worthier cause. Groups such as the Salvation Army, Goodwill groups and others will highly appreciate your sofa and other furniture. Such groups do sell these furniture and use the proceeds in the community well being and development. When this money is used in the funding of such projects, by extension you will also have participated in supporting the community.

5.      Give it to Friends

It never hurts to ask your close associates if they could be in need of the furniture you are no longer using. They may just be in need of such furniture for the extra room they have recently created. Some friends may also be in need of such furniture for their main living rooms.

6.      Have a Yard for Selling the Furniture

There is a possibility that old furniture is not the only thing you want to sell. Maybe you have refurbished the whole house and there are lots of other things that you want to recycle. These may include lots of old clothing, cutlery and utensils, old electronics and wooden parts removed from the frame and the roof of your house.  If that is the case, it will be wise for you to opt for a sale yard of your own rather than selling the furniture to auction companies. Chances that you will get better returns are higher when you have a yard sale of your own.

Advertising the furniture to college and university students may be a good idea. If you live close to this group of people, it’s worth it to advertise to them. College students are known to be economic and lovers of second hand furniture. You may end up selling your old furniture faster than you had ever imagined.

7.      Place an Ad Online

Several online resources are available to help you sell your old furniture online. EBay, Craigslist together with www.freecycle.org are just some of them. When posting it on these sites, remember to give all the details which include;

  1. Will you deliver the furniture or whoever acquires it will need to collect it by them.
  2. Are you selling it or you will be giving it out for free?
  3. State the price in case you are selling it.
  4. Add an image of the furniture and state how old it is.

8.      Old Furniture for New

There are some stores which are known to replace old sofas for new ones in the event that you want to buy a new one from them. Its costs nothing to ask before you makes any move.

9.      Remodeling

One of the options that many fail to pursue is to remodel the furniture. Your sofa may need the replacement of the fabric or reattachment of the arm rest. Many have failed to explore this option, an option that would have led them to saving up to 90% of what they spent on the new furniture.

It’s not worth it for your old furniture to go to the landfill. This might however be your last resort. Though not the best option, it is much better for you to split down the timber and use it as firewood rather than taking your furniture to a landfill.

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