//When to Use a Halogen Heater over Fire and Central Heating
Halogen Heater vs Fire

When to Use a Halogen Heater over Fire and Central Heating

Heating system is a very essential thin in most of the houses. In some regions, it is not just essential but a necessity. No wonder, several countries in regions that experience winter have legislations compelling owners to install heating systems in all the houses under construction. Without clear understanding of some of the heating systems, one may not have the ability of choosing the best heating system for their premises. This article generally talks about three forms of heating systems namely;

  • Halogen heaters and
  • Central heating system
  • Fire heating system

Halogen Heaters

Halogen heaters are associated with the production of radiated heat.

  • In fact, these forms of heater get credit for having the highest percentage production of such heat.
  • The insulated lamp that is designed with these forms of heaters makes them very safe to use.
  • It has a reduced risk of causing fire because of its typically low heat production (400w/bar)

Central Heating System

  • The Central heating system is designed with pump-driven radiation system for the circulation of either heated air or heated water through a piped system connected to the radiators found in every room within the house.
  • You can close the radiators in rooms that do not require heating.
  • When using a water based central heating system, the same water is recycled and you will only need to occasionally replace this water.
  • With the air based central heating system, new air will continuously be drawn in to the piping system.

Fire Heating System

  • Fire heating system is the most basic form of the central heating system.
  • A fire place is provided for during the construction of the house.
  • It’s difficult to put a fire place in a house that after its construction.

Reasons Why a Halogen Heater is Better than Fire and Central Heating System


A halogen heater happens to be among the portable, lightweight and efficient heating devices. The system is plugged in to an electrical outlet for it to provide the desired warmth within an enclosed room or area.

Application is Possible in a Variety of Environments

The halogen elements that are used in place of the electrical coils have got several pros in comparison to the propane, butane and electrical coils that are used in the fire and central heating system. Whereas the two gases mentioned above cannot be used in all the environments, the current models associated with the halogen heaters can be used in almost all the environments. This is because they are equipped with several safety features.

Variety and Efficiency

One has the option of opting for either the blowing heaters or the halogen oscillating heaters. Both are more efficient in comparison to the fire and the central heating system. However, it’s worth it to go for the oscillating halogen heaters that are more efficient than the blowing halogen heaters. Heating the air while it circulates in the oscillating heater after which the heated air is propelled in brad arcs around the space helps one to spread warm air in the whole space within a very short time and with a very high efficiency degree.

Nice for Augmentation of Existing Heating Systems

The halogen heating systems come in different sizes and with different heating capacities. This makes it possible for every room to receive warmth worth the comfort needed there. You can buy a halogen heater that will supply enough heat for your living room and buy a different size that’s most efficient for the bedroom. You can s well buy just a small halogen heater that will supply heat to your feet as you work on your study table.

All these are impossible with the fire heating systems and the central heating system. The fire heating system may not be easy to regulate and it’s quite expensive to run this system in all the rooms. It’s almost impossible that a house can have fire places in all the rooms. Secondly, it may also be difficult to freely move around your house with the fire system.

The central heating system provides equal amount of heat to all the rooms. When one wants some lesser heat in their room, it will not be possible to achieve this because the heat is controlled from a central location. The best one can do is to either persevere with the higher heat levels or to switch off the radiation system in their room and suffer from the extremity of the weather. There is no possibility for intermediaries.

Technological Features

With technological advancements, we need heating systems that move with the present times. Unlike the fire system and the central heating system, all the modern halogen heaters have been equipped with casings that remain cool to touch. They also have an automatic shut down system in case of an accidental tip over. In case of accidental tip overs, chances of injury are highly reduced. Damage of property such as fire or flooding of the house is almost impossible in the event that you are using a halogen heater.

Halogen heaters are therefore the safest options for those who have children and own pets within their premises. It is very easy for the children or pets to get injured when you use the other forms of heaters. You also risk losing your entire house when you employ the use of fire heaters in your home.

Cost Effective

When you put the durability of the heating device into consideration, and you consider the average running cost, then a halogen heater is far cheaper than the central heating system together with the fire system. Some halogen heaters may be relatively expensive to install in comparison to the central heating systems. However, this is not always obvious because central heating systems also do demand a lot. The fire heating system is virtually the cheapest to install but the most expensive to run and very environmental unfriendly. The halogen heaters require the least amount of energy among the three forms of heating systems.

Environmental Consideration

When oil is used to heat the boilers of the central heating system, or a gas of any form is used, green house gases are produced. Such gases are always responsible for global warming together with having general negative impacts in the lives of both flora and fauna. On the contrary, the halogen heating system used electricity which is a form of green energy.

A lot of heat energy may be lost to the environment. In cases where you cannot cut off the heating of other rooms, you may end up wasting a lot of energy in those rooms. Naturally, a lot of heat is also always lost at the boiler, while being transmitted by the pipes and the walls are also good absorbers of some heat. Halogen heaters save a lot of energy.

A Review of the Central Heating System

Although in rare cases the halogen heating system may be more expensive than the central heating system, in most of the cases, the vice-versa is always true. Below are central heating system components that make it to be more expensive to install than it is to have a halogen heater.

  • Gas or fuel supply lines: this may include a propane tank, an oil tank together with its supply lines or the District supply lines.
  • Boiler/Heat exchanger: this is the one responsible for the heating of the water in the heating system.
  • Pump: Necessary for the Circulation of the water or the heated air
  • Radiators: these are mounted in or on the wall panels and are where the heated water will pass so as to release heat to the rooms.

The three main central heating methods are the hot air method, the steam method and the hot water method.

A Review of the Fire Heating System

A fire place is designed by an architect during construction. It has a chimney to release the unwanted fumes and is strategized in a position that can enhance for the circulation of the heat in the whole area. In most cases, the fire place is only found in the lounge and not in the other rooms. Source of energy such as firewood or combustible gases is needed.

This form of heating system has got its limitations. First, it is environmentally unfriendly. It highly encourages deforestation and gases produced during combustion are important air pollutants. It’s also not efficient as lots of heat energy may be lost to the environment. It’s not conducive for bedrooms because carbon monoxide produced during combustion can be fatal.

Although the halogen heating system seems to be the best, the power of choice is under your own discretion. Due to one reason or the other, another form of heating system may be the most appropriate for you. It is of great importance that you analyze all your options first before you can make a decision on the most appropriate heating system you can go for.

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